Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Into the Streets, But Why?

Occupy Maine has a Facebook page for organizing.
Why will I be in the street in Portland, Maine on October 1st at noon? In solidarity with Occupy Wall St., to stand with my sisters and brothers of the other 99%, who get pepper sprayed by police just for being present.

In solidarity with those who organize to protest upper crust war criminals making their book tours and speaking appearances. Here's a fresh report from organizer Marilyn Levin in Boston, about last night's violent arrest of a nonviolent protester:
Sean Joseph, one of the organizers of the Donald Rumsfeld protest tonight at Old South Mtg House, was tackled, thrown to the ground, and arrested, apparently for holding a bullhorn that was not being used.  ... Shaun was released after 10 pm on $500 bail and greeted by a crowd of over 20 people, including several attorneys from NLG.  He had committed no crime, did nothing to provoke the police, and cooperated fully when he was arrested, yet he was charged with assault and battery on an officer and resisting arrest, totally bogus charges refuted by many eyewitnesses.  We’ll spread the word when he goes to court.
Because working together to apply pressure to power actually works. Go Tacoma teachers!

I'll be there because the U.S. is (secretly) building more drones bases around the Horn of Africa-Arabian Peninsula regions. Which the US has no right to do. Because I'm with Medea and the other Codepink people in saying, "These drones are killing people!"

Because on Sunday I was fortunate to be part of a group of Codepink and other women listening to Iraqi pharmacist Dr. Rashad Zaydan talk about her work in Fallujah, bombarded by depleted uranium weapons that made the 1% richer, now causing a 45x increase in the rate of childhood cancer. And a tremendous outbreak of babies born severely deformed and dying shortly thereafter. And causing me to be sick at heart that even one cent of my taxes pays for this brand of genocide.

Join me! Wherever you are. Our demand? Bring Our War $$ Home!!!!

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