Friday, August 26, 2011

O-bomba Addicted to War

Here is the "intervention" that CODEPINK did with "Obama" in front of the White House during the annual staff retreat this year. Clearly he is addicted to war, deeply in denial, and in need of these compassionate citizens trying to save our country from certain ruin if we don't get the monkey off our back.  Enjoy.

 (Oscar nominations for C.J. and Tighe are in the works.)

Prognosis for national recovery: quite poor, as indicated by how deeply the "Super Committee" is in the pockets of defense contractors. Great discussion of the details, and the result -- impending destruction of the social safety net -- in Bruce Gagnon's blog post today.

Ok, if the intervention doesn't work on O-bomba, maybe the looming figure of MLK on the Mall will do the trick. Let's rig it up to blare out his speech about the Vietnam war stealing the money for social progress. More on this in my post to the PINKTank blog about the need to heed:  MLK Tried to Warn Us, But Are We Listening?

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