Monday, April 18, 2011

Military spending doubled since 9/11

"As a percentage of GDP, U.S. military spending has increased from 3.1% in 2001 to 4.8% last year.

(Swedish think tank SIPRI) report notes that, “even in the face of efforts to bring down the soaring US budget deficit, military spending continues to receive privileged treatment.” Indeed, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and others on the right are passing legislation increasing defense spending. At the same time, they are insisting on massive cuts to social programs that provide vital assistance to the elderly, the poor and the middle class." --ThinkProgress
How's this strategy working for USians? For the environment? (80% of BP's output is gobbled up by the military machine.) For the future of the children we all are charged with nurturing?

Please set aside some of your free time and join the campaign to bring our war dollars home. There may not be much free time left if we don't succeed in converting the war machine to peaceful purposes.

Deadline approaching: the national council of mayors annual meeting, in Baltimore this June. Mayor of Los Angeles Villaraigosa will submit a resolution from the council to Congress, demanding they stop spending on the military and redirect resources to struggling cities in the U.S., IF he is joined by ten other mayors. There are six already on board (this is, only counting mayors of cities with at least 30,000 population thus part of council of mayors organization). May 17 is the deadline for Mayor V. to submit a resolution to the conference, so please contact your mayor today! Tools here.

Please note: Electing Democrats to the White House and to majority positions in both houses of Congress did NOTHING to slow this destructive trend. Wasting time and energy on elections that celebrate the false dichotomy between Dems and Repubs is just that -- wasted time. Both parties serve the Forces of Greed. The Forces of Greed do NOT wish the people well.
CODEPINK protests the president's tax day speech at George Washington U. "I will never accept cuts that compromise our ability to defend our homeland or America's interests around the world," Obama said.

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