Thursday, January 27, 2011

PINK for Peace in Yemen

Gene Sharp would be proud. This is just the sort of strategy he would approve of, based on my reading of his studies of nonviolent methods.

PINK to signify -- what a great idea!

Apparently in order to signal that they are committed to nonviolent protest, the crowds that have now come out in Yemen calling for an end to corrupt government have pink signs and sashes. Who knew my favorite color would turn up in the bread intifada spreading from Tunisia to Algeria to Egypt, and now to Yemen.

With the U.S. Department of Homeland Security giving up on its color coded terror threats alerting you to the correct level of fear for each day, Codepink is reaching a new stage of its identity.  It was founded in silly response to the fear mongering. What now? 

David Swanson blogged about it with the title "CP Wins the Future" a phrase from the recent SOTU address. (Didn't Obama used to have better writers? Oh, wait, that was back in the days when they let him write his own speeches.)

Internationally, PINK stands for a commitment to nonviolence!

Stay strong, people of the world.

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