Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Am I the only one to think it's sad how sex has come to be just another commodity, used to tweet impressively about, or to honeytrap someone? After Bill got honeytrapped in the Oval Office you'd think men would be on the lookout for this. Assange is just doing what any other rock star does, enjoying the groupies. Who among us would resist this?
The Monica Lewinsky's of history aren't that hard to spot, are they? Apparently they are, and in the modern shame culture having your dirty linen aired is obligatory somehow. So Julian isn't overly careful who he sleeps with, but WikiLeaks is careful what it releases after vetting and redacting and verifying.

Which is more important to do carefully?

Once, little children knew about semen stains on a woman's skirt, and that was what passed for news during the Clinton administration. While the School of the Americas trained torturers, and bombs dropped here and there on civilians, and people were given malaria drugs that made them go mad. Or maybe that last one is a more recent horror?

Instead of being horrified at the actual sordid contents of the cables, the government only squawks like an scalded hen at the people sharing the strange, faceted chunks of reported truth. And then the corporations quickly shut down WikiLeaks, who are basically journalists, as if they were criminals. Amazon,  PayPal, Visa, Mastercard -- they all fell in line and canceled WikiLeak's accounts. Even though the New York Times can report on the leaks without being shut down.

I read a comment where somebody said, So Visa now decides what I can spend my money on?

The revealed fact that EU membership means anyone another nation in the EU wants, you extradite without question seems important -- or do you? Is that the point of the EU?

At least one silver lining is that U.S. kids are hearing about European laws for a change.

Meanwhile, the empire crumbles. Where will it end?

Good night, Bradley Manning.

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