Monday, August 9, 2010

Truth 1st Casualty of War

photo credit: Laurel Jensen Photograpy

About 100 people turned out for a rally to support PFC Bradley Manning, the leaker of the "Collateral Murder" video from Iraq among other truths. It is unclear whether or not he had a hand in the recent Afghan War Diary released by Wikileaks. He's being held in military prison Quantico, VA now and CODEPINK helped organize the rally, which was covered by the NYTimes even. You can contribute to Brad's defense fund plus learn more here.

It is totally clear that this kind of bravery is needed for world citizens to learn the truth about war crimes. Watch the Rethink Afghanistan video about official NATO accounts vs. eyewitness accounts on the bombing of civilians (including infants) in Sangind on July 23 that killed 52 people. One witness said that one or two members of nearly every family in the village died in the attack; NATO denied any civilian deaths, and sent no medical help following the bombardment.

Your tax $$ at work...

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