Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PINK images from a decade

Ok, you know how this works. LIFE gets to use photos of us for free in a review of unforgettable images from the decade, and we get to link to them (hundreds of them!) but only in a way that helps drive people to the LIFE website. If I thought my readers were suspectible to the bland, sentimental flavor of manufactured consent served up by Time-Warner Corp., I probably wouldn't use this photo of the back of my head (that's me holding the Got diplomacy? sign behind Gen. Petraeus).

He was talking to the House Appropriations Committee. I'll give you three guesses why he was there. No, it wasn't to point out that there is No Military Solution to be had in Afghanistan. That was a given. You might think that wouldn't be a good premise for requesting additional billions of dollars in war spending. But you would be wrong.

There is an profitable solution in Afghanistan, and that's what the general was there to discuss and CODEPINK was there to protest.

Build lots more ordnance, keep dropping it on civilians, little kids and grannies; then you can justify the endless war by creating more militant resistance, then spend more on bombs and drop them, and...
Timothy Geithner testifies to Elizabeth Warren's TARP committee just after becoming Secretary of the Treasury.
you and your cronies can get super rich. There will be a few unpleasant hearings where you will need to put in some face time, but most of those authorized to question you owe their seats to campaign donors you work for. And the people asking the real questions can be safely ignored. Or can they?

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